Edible Infrastructures: Organisational Patterns for Urban-Agricultural Landscapes
MSc./MArch. Dissertation
Emergent Technologies and Design, AA School of Architecture

In samenwerking met Nicoletta Poulimeni en Darrick Borowski


MSc./MArch. Dissertation
Emergent Technologies and Design, AA School of Architecture

In cooperation with Nicoletta Poulimeni and Darrick Borowski


Edible Infrastructures is an investigation into an urbanism which considers food as an integral part of a city's metabolic infrastructure. Working within this mode, we explore the generative potential of such a system to:
Create an urban ecology that provides for its residents within the given boundaries of the system via local, multi-scalar, distributed food production
Enhance agricultural production by reconnecting the traditional waste-nutrient cycle which was lost with industrial farming
De-couple food/energy costs from fossil fuels by limiting food transportation at all levels, from source to table

We begin by coupling consumers to productive surface area within a cellular automata type computational model. This relationship forms the basis for exploring emergent patterns in the distribution of dwellings and agriculture within a given boundary. Various parameters are introduced, such as friendliness (compactness) and a gradient of production intensity types in order to study their effects on evaluation criteria, such as population density, density distribution, coverage and open space.

Our work builds upon existing research into the metabolism of cities and urban regions, focusing on the relationship of food sources and distribution networks to urban morphology. We aim to go beyond the predominant western model of urban farming as a small-scale leisure activity, but without resorting to the highly-centralized mechanistic proposals such as vertical farming towers. We position our work as an integrated approach which considers both the productive and the social aspects of food production as part of a new urban experience.

For more info, look at: www.edibleinfrastructures.net

Test Case Brooklyn: Aerial View

Test Case Brooklyn: Zoom in tissue

Settlement Simulation Rules

Increasing Production Intensity